Journalism & Ethics

As shocking as it may seem journalists have a code of ethics that they are encouraged to follow. Today it may seem that something like this would be considered unlikely seeing that most of our media is harmful, wrong, or biased. However, the Society of Professional Journalists do in fact have a code of ethics that does exist, even if it is not commonly followed.

Following the code of ethics would increase the amount of valid information that would be released to the receivers and decrease the amount of controversy on the idiotic, biased stories that are seen today. The quality of the information is not a factor of importance anymore. The quicker that a story is released the better of a journalist you are seen as. While not all journalists are guilty of this act, most take the road most travelled by and choose to release stories that can harm or upset many people.

An example of this would be when In Touch Magazine released a cover of Bruce Jenner exclaiming , “My life as a woman.” There has been a lot of controversy about Bruce Jenner’s appearance in most tabloids today. In Touch Magazine took the situation to far at their own hands by photo shopping a picture of Bruce Jenner, making him look more like a woman. Through the code of ethics it is mentioned that one must recognize that reporting certain type of information can harm and discomfort and individual. Whether or not Bruce Jenner is transitioning into a woman or not, it is not in the fate of other journalists to put out information that is not factual. Bruce Jenner has been attacked continuously by the media and has witnessed the worst side of journalism. He did not deserve to be humiliated and should receive a heartfelt apology for the lies the media released.

Some journalist use change or tragedy to increase awareness by using compassion and being sensitive with topics that could distress the public.

The death of late comedian Robin Williams caused great heartache to many people all over the world. I felt that NBC news covered the topic lightly, only covering on what was actually known. Through that time of devastation, there was a sense of sensitivity through the news program and light was shined at the topic of suicide and depression. The reporters were kind, compassionate, and were using a tragedy to spread awareness. They followed the code of ethics to share a devastating story without causing more unnecessary harm  or without creating a false story.

I believe that under all circumstances, the code of ethics should be followed in journalism.

Musical Influence

Muddy Waters recorded “Rollin’ Stone” in the 1950’s. His role towards the blues genre, became iconic and legendary for all upcoming generations. As he made a change to the sound of the blues, adding an edge to his music with his electric guitar, he began to transform his music to a vibe that approached less of rustic music consumers and more to a different variety of people. His music left audiences captivated and left a remarkable legacy to many artists today.

John Mayer is an artist that reached most of his fame from earlier albums beginning in the 2001. The tone of his music first began with acoustic rock melodies, however, as time progressed his music moved towards a blues genre type of vibe. With his delicate use of his electric guitar and sonorous vocals, he created smooth melodies that I believe were similar to Muddy Waters’.

With the use of repetition and low pitched lyrics, Muddy Waters and John Mayer both create music that reach into the souls of a human being in a bittersweet and subdued matter.

 “Slow dancing in a burning roomby John Mayer is a song that focuses on the personal, unhealthy struggles of two people fighting to keep their relationship alive. Where this song may be more gloomy and tense, its a great expression of the type of blues John Mayer sings about. The beat of the song is steady while the guitar keeps the main chord in repeat.

We’re going down
And you can see it too
We’re going down
And you know that we’re doomed
My dear, we’re slow dancing in a burning room
Following a theme of knowing, this song brings me to the conclusion that we all are aware about the personal incidents that we find ourselves in and choose to stay in. We ultimately choose our own destiny.
Well, my mother told my father,
Just before hmmm, I was born,
“I got a boy child’s comin’,
Gonna be, he gonna be a rollin’ stone,
Sure ‘nough, he’s a rollin’ stone
In Waters song, I continue with the theme of knowing in contrast with what’s been implemented in our minds about what we already know about ourselves. In what we had to grow up believing.
I believe that Muddy Waters left a musical influence on John Mayer because thanks to him a new form of blues genre developed, one that Mayer uses now. His act to write about what he knew and understood about his own life is what I believe made him so successful and what continues to make John Mayer now. They blend electric guitar with soul in a way that makes their genre one of a kind. Without the lasting influence Muddy Waters left for blues, John Mayer’s music would probably not have the deep chilling effect it has now.